Our Vision

Our vision is a community where all women and children have a sense of optimism, confidence, and hope for the future.

Mission Statement

Clare House serves homeless women and children in a caring environment, through life skills training and support, leading to self-sufficiency.

Every day Clare House receives calls from women who find themselves homeless as a result of abusive relationships, addiction, loss of employment, or simply slipping through "the system." These women need a safe place for themselves and their children where they can turn their lives around. They need someone who understands and is willing to give them a hand. Clare House teams with women in our community to assess their needs and deficits before building Life Skills to inspire a brighter tomorrow. While the up to 8 families are with us our Life Skills Director works to share resources and through step by step schedule, our women can reach their potential and become independent, self-sufficient and confident individuals.

Team Members

Evalina Dombrowski, Executive Director

Evalina Dombrowski  Executive Director

With a background of mental health services Eva contributes a special kind of hard work and positivity to our teamwork dynamic. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Messiah College and spent her time since graduation working for Philhaven Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services. Eva is happy to be celebrating her 2nd year at Clare House, and passionately looks forward to the adventures that await her 3rd! In her free time, she enjoys writing, playing guitar, long boarding, conspiracy theories, hiking, and playing with her 2.5 year old, and 4 month old nieces. One of her favorite quotes is: "Never cut what you can untie." -Joseph Joubert

Keya Shell, Program Director

Keya Shell  Program Director

Lauren Cramer, House Manager

Lauren Cramer  House Manager

Board of Directors